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I haven't got enough clout to be listed on the Community tab, but I figure since everyone's doing one of these things, why not join in?

I started the year off with "Happy New Year!, or why you should watch the Joker movie". Back when movies in the theater were still a thing, haha. It's aged well, I suppose.

The pandemic seemed like such an outlandish prospect back in January and February. Despite having heard of it through friends with family in China, it seemed like it was one of the regular articles that would pop up every 4-5 years and fizzle off after a period of time. Classes were being held in person, and it wasn't unheard of to see thousands of people milling about every day. Back when it was still colloquially referred to as the wuhan coronavirus.

I guess Ebola made me too optimistic. Or maybe I had been desensitized because of it and wasn't paying attention. Or both. In the meantime, other things kept stealing the show. The incidents involving Iran. The australian bushfires. And some more I don't recall.

I took part in a hackathon, and submitted a game to NG that I made during that time.

Cyberpunk got delayed.

I took up swimming. (I'd long been meaning to do it, and with the weather getting warmer I could go in the morning a little easier. And it seemed like a good enough physical activity to take up.)

It's crazy to think about how lax we were back then. It almost feels like a different universe altogether.

I started watching anime again around this time. I'd briefly stopped watching anime from August to December, because I always used to watch it with my brother - it's better enjoyed with an audience. Oh well, I suppose talking about it is good enough.

Then came the alerts. News of cases popping up in Iran, Italy, and other countries. It still seemed like a faraway fantasy, even though it was all but knocking on the door.

It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle—it will disappear.

I still remember joking about it, although it became less funny as time passed. I remember attending Kent Beck's talk back on the 4th of march. Packed rooms, small spaces, a buffet.

What was I thinking!? What were they thinking!? What was anyone thinking?!

I like the numbers being where they are. I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn't our fault.

Less than a week later, Italy would lock down. Things had reached a boiling point there.

Then came the deaths. Oh, the deaths. It was gruesome. Even without being in Italy, it felt chilling to witness.

(On a lighter note, cue the coffin dancers! It's hard to believe that was this year.)

Classes had, of course, shifted online at this point.

I consider myself fortunate enough to not experience the brunt of the pandemic and its knock-on effects. I tried picking up some new languages (Rust, JS, again). I tried learning how to draw; after all, I had a graphics tablet, and what better way to make use of it? Hell, while I was at it, why not try continuing to learn french - surely a B1/B2 course would be good to take, right?

I dropped them all like deadweight when other things took priority. I had spread myself too thin, again. I guess the only mainstay of the lockdown was the fact that I took up cooking more often during this period, as a matter of necessity. That was a nice benefit I suppose, because my diet before that was rather unsustainable.

Went to the ER for gastrointestinal trouble not a week after the lockdowns. Thankfully it wasn't anything serious. Although it did feel like there was an air of tension around the city as a whole (and for good reason), and I'd get that same feeling whenever the bus stopped at the hospital en route.

A month or so after the lockdowns, things seemed to be improving, well in some countries moreso than others at least.

My research started in summer. Lotsa reading.

Found out about syncplay and other video synchronization services and this really helped me watch anime regularly again.

Resumed work on ASBoxer and the AIRDock and Syncomps libraries - it'd been a long time since I'd touched them, and it felt good to be back.

The months after that, well...I suppose it all went by in a haze. I'm leaving out the George Floyd incident, the protests, and the other bits of news that happened around that time because it just sort of blurred together. All I remember feeling was this vague notion of "how is it gonna get worse next?" when it came to any sort of US news. I can't think of many things of note in the months of June, July, August and September, except for maybe my birthday, and the fact that research progressed from "reading" to "experimenting".

Then came October, the debates, then November, the election, and fun was had at each step of the way. Mostly at the clownshow's expense, sorry not sorry.

Cyberpunk got delayed again.

Fast forward to December. Cyberpunk's finally out. It's meh. Better luck next time.

Year's over in a flash. Scene. Roll curtains.


The biggest personal achievements I suppose I can claim are learning something about neural networks and machine learning. Prior to this year, I didn't know all but the vaguest stuff about it.

There's a lot more that I've probably forgotten to include here. A year IS a long time, after all, and this was one of the longer (and somehow shorter) ones.

What's 2021 gonna be like?

We'll see.

The temptation to take on too much and spread oneself thin is too easy at times. That just ends in failure, though.

I'm inclined to continue learning french, but I'm unsure as to the rate. I'm eyeing online classes, but that is also TBD.

I may pick up drawing again. I'll have to see how to balance this so that it doesn't end up being tossed to the wayside.

I have no idea when ASBoxer will be completed, nor do I think anyone cares. Even though it runs on AIR and so will continue to exist even after Flash is discontinued as of today, I think the landscape of tools has changed so much over the past years that ASBoxer's raison d'être is possibly moot at this point. Even so, I suppose I'll finish it for posterity's sake.

AIRDock got an update! It's finally got one feature I'd been working on for quite a while - remembering the locations of panels in their rooted positions.

And take all the plans with a grain of salt - they don't always turn out as expected :)


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