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Despite its simplicity, I got quite a laugh from the stupidity of the main character and the effects of the "ice beam", I'll elaborate later.

The art/graphics: Rather simple, the people are a bunch of stickmen with faces and a dress, Cyanide-and-happiness style. While it's not exactly eye-catching, it does strangely fit the current series. The background looks good, but some objects like the amulet were nothing more than some basic shapes..

The animation: The animation was smooth, overall, but at some points of time (for example, the zooming in of the character, and the shot of Kirk, and the delay following it) was a bit too slow for my liking; other parts (like the credits) were too fast. Other parts were a bit choppy, like the moving of the protagonist to reveal the amulet; it could be forgiven, though, as the other parts more than compensated.

The music/sound/voicing: Ironside fitted in nicely, the beginning serving as an alarm and the latter part of the 13 second snippet as an anticlimax, although it was a little high-pitched. The sound effects were aptly chosen, of the ice beam crashing into Kirk, apart from others. The voice acting was nice too.

The storyline/other: Upon viewing it the first time, it seemed a little long, but on second viewing, it dawned on me that it was oh so short. Nevertheless, the light-hearted comedy accompanying it made it better, overall. The credits were rolling a bit too fast, though. I never could've guessed the soundtrack was Quincy Jones' Ironside if I hadn't read Haggard's review. (I finally saw the "13 second snippet" thing after subsequent views)

All in all, a niece, short flash that I'd view again, with an art style I'd normally not think would fit well in flashes, but it does here.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Nice music, sound effects selection
2) Smooth animation
3) Simplistic art
4) Funny

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Credits rolling too fast; points in animation slow
2) Parts of art a bit too simple

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MistyEntertainment responds:

Thank you for your review! In this episode's original run, TBH the main character wasn't intended to be stupid, but I'm still glad you got a laugh out of it!

Art/graphics: I always thought that the simple, somewhat-jerky style oddly corresponded to the plotline. The original characters were supposed to be complex animals but I settled on a simple but effective style.

Animation: Thanks!

Music: Thanks. I did my best to find a fitting soundtrack for that.

Storyline/other: Interesting that it seemed long at first. Your insight is appreciated.

I didn't know anybody paid attention to the credits, I'll make them slower next time.

Not bad...but not flash

The video's all right, and considering that it was done on a Nintendo DS, I think I should give extra stars. Should I...?

The art: Alright, the art was just random stick figures drawn, namely a professor, a stickman and something else, maybe a spray? So if it was a normal flash, then it wouldn't have been as good, seeing as it takes a lot of work -- I think -- do replicate this on a DS. But it's no excuse for poor-ish art. The explosion, the city and the professor's head were drawn relatively nicely, though.

The animation: Due to the effect (?) created in the video, I see multiple screens on the screen, each showing the same picture. Not sure what to make of that, but I guess if I focused on an individual screen then I could call it a smooth-ish animation, which is a bit blocky. I can't really say though, since this is after all, not a flash animation but a video.

The sound: I think the music fits the plot well: slightly funny (to me) and a bit fast-paced, which kinda reminds me of a Wiley Coyote theme. Good job on the selection of music. The sound effects, though, were negligible, except for the last part which really surprised me: One moment I'm listening to calming music, the next a loud scratch as the video cuts. Maybe the sound could've been made a little softer?

The storyline: So I see a stickman bringing something up, next second flying high in the sky, something happens, boom, then the professor's experimenting with a box. I can't really see any storyline here, it's as if you just shot random things to experiment with this. I can't give you any stars on that but I won't take away any, though.

All in all, not so bad since it's actually done on Pictochat, as Wearfare said (and I assume), so I've chosen to give extra stars. But an afterthought: I don't think you should upload videos on Newgrounds. NG's for flash animation. Not for videos. I think you should've stuck to Youtube for this video, but if your aim was to show what people could to with said program, then I think your aim was acheived.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Done on Pictochat (+++)
2) Nice music selection
3) Some parts drawn well

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Overall poor art
2) Blocky animation
3) Loud sound effects
4) It's a video!

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PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

What happens is the stickman bites his tounge so hard it bleeds and the resulting blood spray sends him flying.

he eventually loses blood and quickly falls to the earth where a city happens to be than the stickman explodes creating a hugh metor where the city used to be.

The professor gets excited because he has found a brand new discovery and begins tests using boxes.

near the ending he begins to activate the transmitter inside one of the boxes however the machine cannot handle the new frequency.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review.



I watched this animation, and I was ready for the person to move on and possibly kill some more people when it just said replay. I was literally like "That's IT?" at that point of time. That's when I saw the author comments, this was a test to practice your animation skills. Ohh.

The art: The people aren't very well drawn, but the background sure is. I like the 3D effect you gave for some parts of the house, along with other minor-ish details such as the station wagon behind the bush and the car in the garage. Overall it would've been good, but the bad character art brought the quality down.

The animation: So this is a test of your animation, so let's look at that, shall we? Okay, the first thing I notice right off the bat is that the animation's smooth and not chunky or blocky at all; good job on that. The spawning of the bullets and their "mini-explosion" against the MREs are also pulled off very well. So far, so good.

The sound: The sound effects are okay, I mean, you said that all gun sounds sound equal, so I won't bother with that, but there's a slight problem with the music: it would normally build up suspense but in this case, coupled with the animation, there's just....not enough suspense, and the music just tends to continue even when the animation's finished. Not. Good.

The storyline: Very, very short. At first I thought it was going to be a full-length movie, but then when I watched it and looked at the file size, I was rather disappointed.

All in all, okay if you're animating after a long hiatus, but otherwise not very good if you're aiming for quality, no.

~~ Summary~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Nice background art
2) Good sound effects
3) Smooth animation

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Music still continues even when flash finishes
2) Very short

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Phantox responds:

I think I spent a whole week drawing that background (not including the time it took to restart from my last save when flash crashed)

I don't know how to make the characters better, though so I just leave it the way it is.

Thanks for your review

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It's a decent mad libs. Not much else to say about it.

Came across this on a lazy afternoon when looking for visual novels, pleased to say it was more entertaining than I'd expected. Definitely can recommend this to others, even if it does alternate between sappy and secondhand embarrassment sometimes.

A lot of effort was put into this game and it shows; I looked at the outline after completing a storyline, and it's much more than I'd expected! Wow. Great work, looking forward to future updates.

Simple, but not much to say about it. I think it's a game about a guy becoming friends with a girl on an MMO, and then getting cut off after he phones her on her birthday? I'm not sure I get it, or what connections this has specifically with internet friends...although I've had plenty who were "last seen 938 days ago".

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Goddamn this song is great. It has a wonderfully calm, yet epic feel like the beginning of TF2's The Calm soundtrack, but continues on for another 4 minutes :)

(Side note, there's no reason to get pissed of at the PAS maker for including this song in it, because 1, I - along with likely a lot other people - got to know about it only because it was featured in it, 2, it's noncommercial and 3, it's been removed now IIRC)


I found this song a little silly, like you said, but at the same time nice to listen to. However, there were a few problems I found with this. I'll elaborate later.

The intro is a little robotic, which I like, but I find that it's a bit long (0:00 to 0:30) to just actually get to the main part. Normally I find around 10 seconds are just about enough, but only under certain circumstances can they extend over to 20 or 30 seconds.

The rest of the song from (0:30 to 1:40) is a little medium-paced, which sets the stage for the chorus which is some instruments playing repeatedly, but not in an order that makes it repetitive. Good job.

The part where your voice came in which was tweaked, I hope (!) was a little creepy to me the first time I listened to it. The next time I listened to it it reminded me of a monster baby's voice, which was a bit weird but strangely fit in this audio piece.

I liked the extro a bit more, because this time instruments weren't repeated, but fresh new ones were added into the mix, some others muted, and the last part faded. I would've liked it if it was looping, though, since the fade out part was the only thing I had a slight "problem" with.

All in all, a good piece of music worth listening to for 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Repeated instruments, but not repetitive
2) Nice to listen to
3) Interesting mix of voice

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Long intro

[Review Request Club]

JPRixdorfer responds:

Thanks for the review and the nice words!

Long intro is a very good point. I don't know about the length in seconds, but cutting in in half is a good idea.
Of course, my voice was tweaked. I more thought of it like a dwarven trio, but monster baby's good too :) My real voice can be heard in my "B.O.B." submission.
I'm against the looping of the extro, because it peaks in the end and I want it to stop there. But I could probably exchange the fadeout ending for ... I don't know, a weird syncoped chord or something.

Thanks!! *hug*


I can listen to this all day.

Sabrewyng responds:

Thanks man!

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Their eyes look like they're carved out of their face.


I honestly thought that this person was a male until I saw your reply to SCTE3's review. Seriously, it looks more like a man in more than one way. I'll elaborate later.
So, let's see!

There's an assassin who I originally presumed was a male due to the white skin and the lack of hair, with darkness inside the hoodie. The assassin concerned has a rather fancy top, with a large collar, like typical assassins, or at least ones that reminded me of the ones in Assassin's Creed. (I never actually played the game :p)

I like the shading you've given to the collar, which is a gradual gradient from black (from the hoodie) to white (outside). The only problem is, I don't know where the light's coming from. It could have come from behind the person, or from ahead, or there could've been more than one source, but I only see a few shadows, none under the collar!

The hoodie that the assassin is wearing is drawn nicely, and the darkness is also accounted for. Oh wait, that's hair? Is it? If it is, then I doubt it's as good. The hair is almost invisible, because I can't see any individual strands!

The assassin is a male. Cross that out, you said it's a female. It seems that you made a mistake there, because it looked like a male on the first glance, and when I looked at it closely. The expression is neutral, the eyes are lowered down, no visible eyelashes, some thin eyebrows and deep gashes above. I'm going to assume they're gashes, but if they're not then you're in for some more trouble :p The nose is drawn nicely, with some shading here and there, but...it still looks male! Looks like you need to practice female anatomy bro :x

The shirt/top/whatever on the other hand is drawn quite nicely, and I like the curves you've drawn here and there in a different color than the shirt's to show contrast, and a slight band on the left side. There's a slight necklace with a small symbol, and it's drawn nicely, although I don't think that does anything to show that it's a female. I've seen some men wear that :x

The background on the other hand, though, is a little dull, it's just light brown. I mean WUT? Just light brown!? There's so many possibilities, a cityscape at the back, showing the assassin-a at the top of a building, and a skybox at the top, but not a solid color background!

I'll conclude the review with this statement: All in all, a good piece of art, however I do notice that it's not as good as could've been.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Good detailing at parts
2) Nice shading at parts
3) Nice drawing of clothes

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Light source position unknown
2) It's a female? Looks more like a male :\
3) Dull background
4) [If hair] Hair drawn badly behind hoodie

[Review Request Club]


I literally can't keep my eyes off it (pun intended). I think you did a great job with this piece, and the fact you drew it with charcoal pencils and had it redrawn so that it could be put up on the portal is in itself a daunting task.
So, let's see! (Okay, I'll stop)

The tree itself is very detailed, with the individual leaves being shown clearly without any gaps or breaks, yet all of them can be seen without any being hidden almost fully behind the other. The varying colors show a single light source, probably from the top left corner, as leaves are brightest there and follow a gradient color to the right where it is a little darker.

The trunk of the tree, and the branches are all drawn very nicely, each of them wrapping the lower half on all parts of the eyeball, almost as if to show the blood vessels at the back of the eye, and the progression of a tree to an eye. (Is there some sort of subtle meaning here that I don't get, the conversion of energy from a tree which eventually passes to an eye?) The branches are mostly the same color, but some parts are colored abnormally, as if to show mutation, and the roots the "blood vessels" of the eye. Good job, I always found drawing a tree difficult.

The vitreous humor of the eye is faintly tinted with red on a normal white, presumably to show signs of life and/or strain. The rest of the eye is drawn nicely, but there's a, kind of "problem" with the cornea. I wouldn't exactly call it a problem per se, since I've found that this is entirely normal in eyes, but it's odd because this isn't what I normally see in eye diagrams. The "problem": the cornea's transparent, with a slight outline. Again, this ain't a problem, but it's just odd to me. The lens of the eye's also good, except if you're aiming for a touch of realism like you did with the cornea, then wouldn't the lens also be transparent? Just saying.

The background could use some work though, as others pointed out -- it's just a gradient background fading to black from white. Perhaps a skybox to just show that the eyeball tree helix is "floating" in the air? Or how about a cross-section of the soil, with the eye "planted" deep in the soil? There are many combinations to choose from, but this...rather dull background isn't one of the good ones, I must say.

All in all, a good piece of art, although I don't think I'd like it enough to get it tattooed onto my skin forever, like XsakuX said. Either way, a brilliant way to come back from your hiatus, and I hope you have many more dry spells, so that we can see more art like this :P

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Nice detailing of tree, eye
2) Subtle detailing of leaves & branches
3) Nice touch of realism in the drawing

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Dull background
2) [If aiming for realism] Lens should be transparent
3) [If not aiming for realism] Cornea's a bit strange

[Review Request Club]

Phobotech responds:

I'm glad you really like it, eye have a ball with reviews this positive!...okay that was terrible...

The lightsource is indeed from the top left corner, and I wish I had reinforced that by shading the eyeball accordingly.

I suppose the meaning behind it is combining two perspectives of life into one...the organic breathing life with plant life, and by making it a giant eyeball, it sort of humanizes this peculiar, other-worldly tree. Mutation is definitely implied, but it was wrought more from clean slated creativity than it was meant to state a point.

The fact that it looks downward could be that it's looking upon us from above (a parody of God) or that it's looking inward into the planet (a parody of Mother Earth), but in all actuality, it's just something neat that I thought up that came to me in a moment of sobriety, perfected in non-sobriety, and drawn here half and half. It turned out looking pretty good, and I leave it open to interpretation; if you look for it you'll find it.

Hell, to make things even more confusing, I hid two faces in this. One made entirely out of leaves, and separately, two triangles to emulate eyes looking out from the leaves.

In the coloring process, I tried making faint red cracks and tiny networks of veins running about the white of the eye to emote strain or dryness. But after 3 tries it never came out right, so I gave up and left it to a simple red underline to the root to give it that illusion of life you speak of. I'm still happy that detail didn't go unnoticed.

The black outline is a comic-booky habit of mine inherit in almost all of my artwork, in any future iterations, I'll try harder to disclude black lines in things that are supposed to be transparent.

Yeah, the gradient was a last minute addition so it wasn't just a white background. Future recreations will have added complexity in the environment.

The tattoo comment, to clarify, was from a singular friend who enjoyed the charcoal canvas iteration so much he wants it tattooed. I threw that into the author's comments as a tribute to him :D

I greatly appreciate the detailed review! Thanks very much!

Thanks for dropping by!

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