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Posted by Gimmick - August 25th, 2011

For those of you who didn't know, Canas's account has been hacked. This is a terrible tragedy, since it means many, many users who flagged abusive reviews just lowered their whistle points terribly, more so when they actively did it.

Not only that, but the hacker also had the tenacity to perma-ban everyone who recently wrote reviews, including me.
deckheadtottie has kindly offered to remove those tags under inspection of said reviews and ban notices; just PM him if you've been hit. I did, but then I found out I was permabanned again, by (wait for it) Canas's account controller. (Since I know the real operator of Canas wouldn't do such a thing)

Anyways, on to the victim list; if you've been hit, please report so in the comments, and I'll add you onto the list, depending on what grounds. Hopefully this will be proof enough for restoration in the late future.

UPDATE: ALL THE REVIEW BANS HAVE BEEN LIFTED, REPOST YOUR REVIEWS! The perpetrator has gone and the real canas is back! See the "moderator hacked?" thread in general for more info!

This is a list of people who were affected by the hacking of Canas's account; may be updated at will.

~!~ Whistle points ~!~

Finalfina: From Normal to Garbage

J-Rex : From Normal to Garbage

JoiiySpace: From Silver to Bronze

bilalz : From Normal to Garbage

mizzjuicyflava: From Normal to Garbage

Valor56: From Normal to Garbage

DonCarrera: From Normal to Garbage

Psych: From Normal to Garbage

joeyjoah: From Bronze to Garbage

tally1989: From Bronze to Garbage

Kanon: From Bronze to Garbage

Bryan: From Silver to Garbage

Confucianism: From Bronze to Garbage

Suprememessage: From Bronze to Garbage

Alex616: From Normal to Garbage

spilda-bongwata: From Bronze to Normal

jonathanfis: From Bronze to Garbage

mythicteddy: From Normal to Garbage

Asandir: From Gold to Garbage

Comments (24)

I'm review permabanned, and my alt (JoiiySpace) went from Silver to Bronze.

Okay, I'll update it! Hopefully this madness will stop.

Thanks for making the list, Canas made a comment on my userpage, he is still hacked. I wonder how much damage he will do :/

Some user suggested he be demodded for a short period of time so he won't cause further damage. I doubt that'll be done though :\

My friend, Krutches, Taco Soup, has been banned for the same "reason" as I.

Okay, I'll add him. The victim list is expanding, and that's not a good thing.
Eh, it'll be great, though, since we can all have sigs saying "I survived Canas 2011" or something.

More (Most of these aren't BBS regs):

All review banned.

I already added JPRix, LordKieta, Dangerous, Jexah and Kane, but I'll add them again.

This is really sad , if someone fell from Gold to Garbage that must be a lot of whistle points lost , and if we don't get the whistle points back it will take forever to get rid of the garbage whistle by ourselves . Let's hope the damage can be fixed

Hopefully it can, although 90% of the time hoping won't do anything.

Thank you for this. :3

You're welcome. Hopefully the damage will be reversed.

Why are you a dick head troll?

See below.

Lol sorry didn't mean to send that to you lol sorry man

No hard feelings.

Thanks for telling me but I already knew cause he was messaging me but thanks :D

You're welcome.

Scratch that couple of days bit. I'm now permabanned.

That's sad to hear :(
I'll update it immediately.

this is mad crazy! Asandir pm me about my whistle. Then I read the forums. But I guess everything will back to normal soon.

It will; canas has been demodded, so after a while it will be normal. But asandir left :'(

I got permabanned too.

Added! He's been demodded for now, so it'll stop eventually :)

Yeah, I was review permabanned, too.


I got Permabanned too. My whistle is normal btw


Ive been review permabanned too


I Was Perma-Banned From Portal Reviews.
My Whistle Was Not Affected Though. :D


i was also perma banned

Scratch that, I just reposted my review. The message said I was permabanned though

Okay, I'll change it!

Hey sweet, thanks again for compiling the list!

You're welcome.

The bans have just been lifted!

Hopefully we will get our original Whistle Statuses back as well! :)

Okay! I'll remove when someone tells me. I don't know whether all of them have been removed, so anyone can put it up here.

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