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Half-yearly update

2016-07-24 02:56:17 by Gimmick

Half of 2016's gone by speeding ahead. My, how time flies; it feels like it's only April!

So. I know it may look like ASBoxer (now HitShaper) is practically vaporware as there have been no updates, but I assure you (those of you who're still listening at this point, anyways) that it will be released this year. Current stage? Right now, I'm done with practically everything up to this point, and there's "only" three things left to do:

  1. Optimization - mostly complete, but I know for a fact that there'll always beĀ someĀ place where it's possible. I wonder how much of an impact it has, though, given that I'm using AIR -- the overhead of the AVM alone may make the optimization disappear into background noise in practical usage.
  2. Demoing - I might make a few demo videos and tutorial videos, for how complex this gets. I'm pretty sure that most users won't use all the features there are, but I'll put them up there, if only for name's sake.
  3. Marketing - Let's face it, this project is nigh invisible. Practically nobody knows about this. I have no idea how to market this though, given that this is quite a niche product. I'm considering a few avenues, such as:
    1. Self-publish it and make a few posts here and there on various sites catering to devs
    2. Go the swivel route, if possible. I don't know whether this will work or not, though, given that Swivel is way more useful -- that is, has a larger use case -- than this. Maybe @TomFulp can decide. IDK
    3. Other - ???

Anyhow. Until later next time.


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